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Posted on March 6, 2014


Now I ommOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAitted to mention in my previous post that at Wednesday’s show I was not in a very good way. The moment the show was over I sprinted to have my panic attack elsewhere. So I went back to the second and final show. I got there nice and early to buy my merchandise – a vintage poster and a DVD of a show in the US. Then I calmly waited. I drank coffee and ginger beer in the Gods Cafe next to the theatre while doing some longhand writing on a novel that doesn’t want to end and generally hung around like a bad smell. Big shout out to the Comedy Festival crew who took pity on me as I was clearly some sort of special person (speshull!) and put me at the head of the line for autographs. And then the lovely young lady (who persisted in having her id badge back-the-front so I couldn’t see her name and was too awestruck by everything to think to ask) kindly pointed the camera in the right direction for me.

So I now have a vintage poster autographed by three comedy icons – Legends, people, LEGENDS! And Paul McD, on discovering I haOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAd been waiting so long, kindly grabbed a pink pen and did some colouring in, just to personalise it that much more.

It was really great to see all three of them out there, happily chatting to one and all, clowning around and being all-round great blokes, especially after putting on bloody great shows.

Major kudos to the Canberra Comedy Festival crew for making this happen.

By the way – is it just me or do I really look like the oldest there?

PS more Festival reports to come

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