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Thoughts on SMART goal setting

January 2, 2017


Back in 2015 I had specific goals set for the year. I did not actually realise them in totality but I did make appreciable progress. And as my Dad once told me, don’t be afraid to aim for the stars – you might only get to the treetops but at least you got off the […]

Some thoughts on independent eyes

December 30, 2016


UPDATE: more valuable feedback has been received, helping further with the story. In some recent reviews I have let rip on the need for and value of having extra eyes reviewing your work. And I have a short example of how beneficial that can be. Very recently I dashed off a short story for a […]

Canberra Comedy Festival – My day two

March 18, 2016


This post was originally destined for my Rossy H comedy-related blog. However I had managed to overlook renewing the domain name and WordPress seems reluctant to let me pay the bill. But never mind. My day two at the Canberra Comedy Festival. First up was racing off to see Rich Hall – not as a […]

Have a freebie!

December 17, 2015


Well, it’s that time of year again. The Silly Season. And these days I do not like it a great deal. The same old, cheesy songs being played ad nauseam everywhere. All the same cheesy decorations. Protestations of ‘Christmas cheer.’ Some might call me The Grinch. However with all that has been happening around the […]

Video trailer for Hazard of Shadows by Mike Phillips

September 13, 2015


Have been asked to review this one but not sure if going to get to it. But check out the video trailer – looks really good.

Australia Day or Shame Day?

January 26, 2015


Today is Australia Day, a national holiday marking the arrival of The First Fleet to establish a penal colony on Terra Australis in on January 26, 1788. There is plenty to celebrate in this nation with an overall standard of living ahead of most of the world. But there is also a darker side to […]

I’m a loony!

December 21, 2014


Not what I normally post here but it’s my blog so there. I was encouraged to make a submission to Stigma Fighters, a movement helping to remove the stigma associated with mental health. So I sent a few scribbles off and here ’tis. Stigma Fighters: Ross Hamilton I started writing a piece that was chronologically […]

OPINION: Coulda Woulda Shoulda

May 24, 2014


Honestly, some people really do have the most ludicrous ideas about what authors earn and money in the arts. Take for example the former supervisor back when I still had a ‘real’ job before being chucked onto the invalidity scrapheap. On discovering I had just had my first short story published in an anthology, she […]

and more DAAS stuff

March 6, 2014


Now I ommitted to mention in my previous post that at Wednesday’s show I was not in a very good way. The moment the show was over I sprinted to have my panic attack elsewhere. So I went back to the second and final show. I got there nice and early to buy my merchandise […]

Doug Anthony All Stars at 2014 Canberra Comedy Festival – fan-bloody-tastic!

March 6, 2014


I had intended to write this post last night after arriving home but frankly I was too wired up purely from the experience I had just gone through. More to do with location than anything else, during the hey day of Doug Anthony All Stars, I never made it to a live performance. Sad but […]