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Some thoughts on independent eyes

December 30, 2016


UPDATE: more valuable feedback has been received, helping further with the story. In some recent reviews I have let rip on the need for and value of having extra eyes reviewing your work. And I have a short example of how beneficial that can be. Very recently I dashed off a short story for a […]

Writing Protocols for Producing Indigenous Australian Writing

February 21, 2014


Here in Australia, we do not have a brilliant history in our relations with Indigenous Australians and reconciliation is an ongoing process. One thing that was achieved was the Australia Council for the Arts adopting a set of formal protocols for producing Indigenous Australian Writing. The Canberra Speculative Fiction Guild, of which I am a […]

My “Next Big Thing”

December 29, 2012


IMPORTANT UPDATE – Catharina Sheely now also tagged! IMPORTANT UPDATE #2 – Carol Ryles now also tagged – you’re it! Thank you to Donna Hanson for tagging me in this Next Big Thing thingynabob. But like any pyramid scheme as time goes on it becomes increasingly difficult to find people interested in being tagged who […]

A Return to the Gothic – guest post from Tara Moss

December 17, 2012


This post first published at While perhaps better known for her series of crime novels, Tara Moss has had a love affair with speculative fiction for a long time which has come out in her Pandora English series. Here, in a blog entry from her website that she kindly agreed to share with us, […]

Guest Post: SM Blooding – Top Ten Behind-the-Scenes Moments of The Hands of Tarot

November 24, 2012


One of my newest online friends is SM (Frankie) Blooding. Her bio makes really interesting reading, including her role in paranormal rescue – no, that doesn’t mean she runs around doing the paranormal equivalent of animal rescue. Looking at the details of her latest book, The Hands of Tarot, it seems quite interesting. Sadly I […]

Preparation, preparation, all is preparation

November 2, 2012


While working on my current novel-in-progress, I found myself struggling with a scene that I had thought I had in control. The words dried up. This was frustrating but in working on the problem, I had an important realisation. Some time back, I read Write Away by Elizabeth George. This sets out her approach to […]

Diary of a novella – Chapter 1

September 21, 2012


Over the last couple of months I have found myself on a more-than interesting little journey. So far I have learned all sorts of things that I had not thought of or not given sufficient thought to. And so here go – the first of a string of posts that shall be documenting what it […]