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Showing, not telling

February 6, 2017


One of the first things you will be told if doing a course on writing or that you will read in books on writing, is to show, don’t tell. What does that mean? As is usually the case these days, this piece was inspired by something I read. It was a self-published book given to […]

Thoughts on SMART goal setting

January 2, 2017


Back in 2015 I had specific goals set for the year. I did not actually realise them in totality but I did make appreciable progress. And as my Dad once told me, don’t be afraid to aim for the stars – you might only get to the treetops but at least you got off the […]

OPINION: Should publishers be aware of Indigenous protocols? I think ‘yes’.

June 4, 2014


Confession time (again). I used to consider Australia Aboriginal spirituality and lore as something like Ancient Greek mythology – something to be read, enjoyed, studied and appreciated as a cultural artefact from the past. It was finding myself with a very dear friend who is an Aboriginal that I learned very differently. For many Indigenous […]

UPDATED OPINION: Literary gender bias – how do we fix it?

May 30, 2014


UPDATE – well even the best of us can make a mistake and mugs like me can make even more. Thanks to Sarah (below) there is some Australian data on readership courtesy of the Australian Bureau of Statistics. No idea why this did not turn up during my search of the ABS website when I […]

OPINION: DRM – another view

May 29, 2014


I have previously sounded off about use of Digital Rights Management. Tor decided to remove active DRM from their e-books. Their verdict? “Ultimately it comes down to the desire to be where our customers are, to play fair with them in the assumption that they’ll play fair with us. And you know something? It’s worked.” […]

OPINION: Want more proof that Amazon is a bully?

May 24, 2014


Need more proof of how Amazon likes to engage in bullying tactics, then just look no further than its current stunt of trying to force publishers to pay them more for distribution of primarily physical books. A particular target at present is the Hachette group. Nasty tactics are being employed such as deliberately interferring to […]

OPINION: Coulda Woulda Shoulda

May 24, 2014


Honestly, some people really do have the most ludicrous ideas about what authors earn and money in the arts. Take for example the former supervisor back when I still had a ‘real’ job before being chucked onto the invalidity scrapheap. On discovering I had just had my first short story published in an anthology, she […]

OPINION: DRM bullying

May 8, 2014


Copyright is not that difficult a concept. If you create something original that is a piece of intellectual property eg an original piece of fiction, then it is yours, not anybody else’s to pass off as their own. The copyright is your right of ownership of that intellectual property. When a piece of fiction is […]

OPINION: When is theft, theft? And what to do about it?

April 6, 2014


The Internet is a wonderful thing. I have friends and contacts all over the world courtesy of the Net. But it also has the downside of becoming another avenue for illegal, unethical and immoral behaviours among other things. I recently learned of the website which provides links to all sorts of things including links […]

OPINION: How false reviews are a baaaaad thing

June 6, 2013


In many respects, reviewing is the life blood of generating sales of books. A good review by a noted reviewer can boost sales. Similarly a bad review by the same can damage sales. With the advent of the Internet and e-books, the reviewing function has dispersed much more widely than before. For example, anyone can […]