DVD Review: Fiona O’Loughlin’s Greatest Hits

Posted on May 13, 2015


Endorphins are one of those curious things where the right thing or combination of things sees the body release a rush of endorphins into our system  which makes us feel good. Without the hangovers. And two things in particular seem to always give chikome the happy hormone hit. One is a good feed of a Chiko Roll (completely irrelevant trivial fact – my home town is where the original Chiko Roll was invented and first produced) and some fried dim sims, liberally sprinkled with salt. The other is having a good belly laugh at some comedy.

When we think of stand up comedians coming up through the ranks and paying their dues, the image that usually comes to mind fiona o'lis seedy inner city bars in a big city somewhere. But Alice Springs does not immediately spring to mind as part of that mould. But it was The Alice that brought us Fiona O’Loughlin and perhaps it was that earthy simplicity that we associate with outback which helped formulate O’Loughlin’s style showcased in the Greatest Hits DVD.

Now after that last possibly wanky paragraph, it is caveat time. I should point out that a) I already love O’Loughlin’s work, b) I have my own history with alcohol problems and depression with gives me a point of empathy with O’Loughlin and her well publicised issues, and c) I think she is adorable.

In one respect, the title Greatest Hits is misleading. Greatest Hits more usually means a repackaging of previously released material. But rather than slapping together a hotchpotch (I like that word – hot-ch-pot-ch; here endeth my Miranda Hart moment) of clips from various past performances, Fiona O’Loughlin’s Greatest Hits is a show in its own right. It showcases O’Loughlin’s self-deprecating and at times quite biting humour as we are regaled with a pleasantly paced romp (another nice word – rommmpp – sorry but I was watching episodes of Miranda Hart last night) through uncomplicated, unadulterated infectious fun. And isn’t that what entertainment is really about, making us feel good?

Fiona O’Loughlin’s Greatest Hits is definitely worth putting into your DVD collection so you can have a happy hormone rush each time you watch it, with or without the Chiko Roll and fried dimmies.

Go and grab a copy!



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