REVIEW: Godzilla (2014) Verdict: Fan-bloody-tastic!

Posted on May 16, 2014




Godzilla is one of those things that practically took on its own form. From a dodgy  B-movie about a lizard mutated by radiation into a giant, fire-breathing behemoth, the concept practically became a cultural institution in Japan, migrating from there to world geekdom.the original Godzilla

The Godzilla concept did however take a real hit with the 1998 re-imaging of the original into some sort of massive broody female lizard just trying to find somewhere to drop a clutch of eggs. As far as Godzilla goes, it was a massive flop. With that in mind, I was quietly worried what this latest attempt was going to be like.

Oh boy. I had nothing to be worried about. As far as Godzilla goes, this one is bloody ripper! It takes so many of the concepts and canon of the Japanese B-movie genre and adding a big enough budget to provide for great cinematography and CGI. The interaction between onscreen of monsters and actors is very well done, looking real.

From here on, it is very hard to say much without committing the sin of spoilers.



One of the things that drew me to this film was seeing Bryan Cranston was in it as I am a real fan of his work. But I was disappointed. Cranston’s part in the set-up had potential to deliver a lot more than his character actually did get to contribute. Similarly, Ken Watanabe, playing the pretty much obligatory role of a Japanese scientist, did not seem to be doing a great deal apart from looking very serious. Given the setups, there was potential for a strong interplay with Bryan Cranston but this was, alas, not pursued.

Even allowing for that criticism, this was a bloody good film. Anyone who likes exciting action will get something from it. Godzilla fans will simply love it!


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