Marcia, Marcia, Marcia! (he says with teenage angst)

Posted on November 5, 2013


Like plenty of other people, I have been known to use my blogs to make the occasional confession. As I start typing, it is late afternoon and an episode of The Brady Bunch is on. And that inspires the confession.

The Brady Bunch started in 1969, running as a continuing series until 1974 although as a group (minus Gwen Plumb – Jan Brady) they reappeared on our screens as a variety show. And I doubt the original series has ever stopped running in rerun slots.

marciaMaureen McCormick played the eldest of three daughters, Marcia Brady. And it is widely acknowledged that at least one generation of adolescent males fell for Marcia. And my deep, dark secret is that in my early teens, which happened to be a couple of years after the series had actually ceased being made, I too fell for Marcia. Except there was NO WAY I would have admitted it to anyone. We laughed at The Brady Bunch, not with it but at it.  My lot were fans of the likes of AC/DC and Kiss (before they went all commercial with songs like Shandi at which point we turned our noses up). Not exactly hard heads like plenty of others but we sure as hell weren’t Brady Bunch fans, or at least not that we would admit. I would not mind wagering money that I was not the only one of my crowd who had that teen angst attraction to Marcia. But now I’m one helluva lot older, I thought what the hell. So yes, back in the day I fell for Marcia. Bigtime.


McCormick released her biography, Here’s the Story: Surviving Marcia Brady and Finding My True Voice, [Here’s the Story] several years ago and not surprisingly, it is full of ugly stuff, not quite what we might have expected from the Marcia we all saw on the idiot box.  It has been on my To Be Read list for some time and I now have it loaded up on the e-reader ready to get stuck into.

Now I’m not the young teenager any longer with his crush on Marcia, but apart from the fact that McCormick still has that stunning smile, I am looking forward to reading the ‘real’ story.

Stand by for the review.

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