Updated autograph tool for Kindle ebooks

Posted on November 17, 2012


A while back I was intrigued to learn via RachelintheOC that you can get your Kindle ebooks ‘autographed’ by the author. This nifty little tool came from Kindlegraph but the organisation has now repackaged itself as Authorgraph. Previously you had to create your own links to direct people over to the Kindlegraph website to request the autograph. But with the repackaging, a new widget tool has been created and the resulting product is like this:
Get a free Authorgraph from Ross Hamilton

Unlike similar widgets by folks like Amazon, this one provides the relevant code that will also work in a wordpress-based blog or website. For the html-minded folks, the default tool uses an iview frame which is not supported by wordpress hence the different version for blogs like this one.

I think it looks pretty kewl. 🙂

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