Such exciting times!

Posted on September 11, 2012


There are some things that make the frustrations of being a writer, all feel worthwhile.

In all honesty, I doubt we ever entirely get over the thrill of seeing our name in print. I admit that I still get a kick out of it. But sometimes it is an even bigger reason to get excited.

My small novella, It Hides In Darkness, won a competition being run by Creative Print Publishing in the UK. The prize was having it published as a standalone piece. The email informing me of that was such a thrill. But finding myself on the cusp of my first proper solo work being released as me even more excited.

As I type, it is not too long after receiving the email confirming that the proof copy is back from the printers and apparently looks pretty darn good. And a copy is about to start winging its way Down Under for me to give it my seal of approval.

Another great buzz.

The excitement grew even more on realising that the book (my book! yeehaaaa!) is already available to order!

Exciting times – and not necessarily in the tradition Chinese sense.

Following on from this excitement, I feel safe in announcing that yet another little publication is on its way. Stay tuned for those details!

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