Real life is better than fiction

Posted on February 10, 2012


There is an old adage that a painter cannot actually paint what a brilliant sunset really looks like because the glorious colours look just too brilliant that they would be accused of hamming it up. Similarly the ‘real life’ depictions of people can only go so far in creating farcical situations before being accused of just being unrealistic. So to prove that real life is truly better than fiction, an author who shall remain nameless (in this blog for now at any rate) reports that earlier today she became “…trapped in the David Jones escalator wearing a maxi skirt that was angrily being devoured into the bowels of the moving stairs. Shrieks, escalator off, security, management, grumpy customers, screwdrivers and a very large pair of scissors followed.”

Images of the Marx Brothers and the Three Stooges immediately started banging on the frontal lobes in my nasty little mind.

Now I’m not really breaking any confidences as this was posted on Facebook. But I’m not that unkind as to post her name here. Yet.

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