Little things becoming special

Posted on January 12, 2012


I use this blog to usually blog about more serious things. But sometimes you just have one of those days you just want to share.

I arrived back home yesterday and the plane was some 15 minutes early due to the howling tail wind. That was nice.

Today I received an unexpected and quite nice message from a celebrity I respect, checking up to see how my recovering from surgery is going. That was really nice to receive.

I had a pile of mail waiting for me and I went through that today and discovered a postcard from someone else I quite respect who is currently in Europe. It was a fascinating postcard with a historical explanation of what the image was about. I really liked receiving that.

Since quitting the smokes back before Christmas, I had been waiting for the return of my sense of smell that I am told happens. And it arrived sort of as I was walking by a coffee shop this afternoon, suddenly smelling the goodies far better than I am used to. And that is with a slight cold or late hayfever interfering with things.

These are small things in themselves but just seemed special to me in odd little ways.

Maybe it’s a case of small things and small minds. 🙂

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