A Plethora of Plenty!

Posted on August 30, 2011


One of the joys of having conned my way into book reviewing (unpaid but, alas, you can’t have everything) is receiving a new batch of books in the post. The lastest consignment to arrive is from The Black Library in the UK, having found their way to the colonies, Down Under.

This box in today’s post was simply full of goodies and has me wondering just where to start. The selection includes:

– the latest in the Horus Heresy saga, The Outcast Dead by Graham McNeil who is among my favourite Black Library authors

 – an audio book ‘Red and Black’ – just the thing to slip into the walkman when I head off to the bus stop tomorrow morning

– Nocturne, the third instalment in Nick Kyme’s The Tome of Fire Trilogy; now where did I put my notes from the first two?

– joy, oh joy – another Gaunt’s Ghosts by Dan Abnett! Salvation’s Reach – and it is in hardcover which always leaves me feeling that I am reading a ‘real’ book

Thanquol’s Doom – yet another Thanquol & Boneripper novel by C L Werner – oh boy!

The Red Duke – also by C L Werner and these vampires definitely won’t be ‘sparkly’

The last in the box was the paperback edition of the Sabbat Worlds anthology of short stories. I have to confess that the hardback edition of this is still in my reading pile waiting to be properly read rather than just occassionally  being dipped into as I have so far.

With the sheer volume of books that come through, let alone a whole box of Black Library goodies, there simply is not enough hours in the day to read everything. But there is no doubt that I shall be reviewing at least two of these.

All reviews will be posted to www.awritergoesonajourney.com as usual as well as posted in this blog. So stay tuned!

Like an over-indulged child at Christmas who is faced with a plethora of pressies – which one shall I open first?

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