Call me Vinnie!

Posted on September 11, 2010


Well it is now official: I am a more successful artist that Vincent Van Gogh. You see, dear old Vinnie supposedly didn’t seel any of his work in his lifetime although I understand he sometimes bartered the occassional piece for food and lodgings. So how am I more successful than him? Because I have just sold my first work in an exhibition!

The exhibition is being held in the gallery at the Belconnen Arts Centre where I work. A week or so out from the end of the submission period for the exhibition, the curator only had a handfull of submissions for the current exhibition, Belo Bizarre. So I decided to submit several pieces just to help boost numbers. To my considerable surprise, two pieces were selected for inclusion in the exhibition, despite a last-minute deluge of submissions.

This was such a new experience for me and I was thrilled to see them hanging in the gallery.

This afternoon was a meet the artists function in the gallery. So there I was, ghosting around, chatting to people. Then I saw it. A red dot by one of my works. I was in such shock, I had to go sit down with a coffee. And here’s the proof that it happened.

A real irony of the situation is that as the bookkeeper, I have to submit an invoice to myself for payment at the end of the exhibition. Here’s a low quality image of the work that was sold.
So, now I am an artist. And I have the name badge from this afternoon to prove it.

To really follow in Vinnie’s footsteps, I had better get to hacking off extremities. And go find a hooker to present it to. Now where did I leave that carving knife?

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