NaNoWriMo – off and running: 3702

Posted on November 1, 2009


Well according to the NaNoWriMo website, it hasn’t actually started yet. But as far as I am concerned, November is almost 17 hours old. Time zone differences can be a pain. Ask me sometime about the joys of conducting a courtship over a 15-hour difference.

This writing lark is easy, isn’t it! The required average daily word count is 1667. I hit 3702 on Day 1. What a piece of piddle! 🙂 And people try to claim that it is hard.

Actually this was the easy bit. I have been playing that intended opening movement of my NaNoWriMo symphony of prose (and don’t that just sound so grand!) over in my head so much that it was to all intents and purposes already written, just not via the keyboard. Not going to be that easy all the time I’m afraid, despite all my pre-planning. Although I could always go back off the wagon for the month, spend my time shit-faced drunk and figuratively spew rubbish out onto the page. On second thoughts, I don’t think so. After being sober almost eight years, I doubt my body could cope with the hangovers.

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